Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Arthritis Epidemic In America

Bob Livingston • Feb 2nd, 2009

There is more dairy farming in America than in any other country. Yet we have more arthritis, or calcium deficiency disease.
The first reason for this arthritis plague is because of public health laws that coerce us to drink adulterated milk. By force of law all commercial milk must be a dead food before the customer consumes it.
Pasteurization is required and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) test of pasteurization is that the alkaline phosphatase enzymes must be dead (by heating) for the milk to be approved for sale to the public.
The alkaline phosphatase enzyme is the live ingredient in raw milk that causes the formation of bone. The American people are denied this bone-forming food although they drink millions of gallons of (so-called) milk.
The second reason for the arthritis plague in America is that even though calcium supplements are tops in health food sales, it is almost worthless as a food supplement for the formation of bone.
Be reminded that bone is one-third calcium, one-third protein and one-third water. Ninety-nine percent of our calcium is in our bones. Only 1 percent is in our blood and tissue. But this 1 percent is so critical that if the 1 percent gets low, calcium will be drawn from the body skeleton. The blood and tissue calcium is so vital to life that the body forces our bones to give up calcium in order to balance blood and tissue because survival depends on it.
There may be a constant calcium release from your bones leaving them weaker and subject to arthritis. Usually calcium is first withdrawn from the spine and pelvic bones.
So calcium supplements that we consume simply go through the intestines and are excreted. Only if we take vital D3 (cholocalciferol) is our calcium intake absorbed from the stomach into the blood.
So in reality, our calcium deficiency is a D3 deficiency. This means that the critical 1 percent of blood and tissue calcium is absolutely dependent on vitamin D3.
Low blood and tissue calcium leads to high body temperature. This is the same as saying that high body temperature denotes low blood and tissue calcium. This is the direct route to disease and sickness.
D3 as cholocalciferol is the most potent hormone in the human body.
Now that the genie is finally out of the bottle the public is discovering the life-giving and life-sustaining attributes of vitamin D3. Because of this, I predict that vitamin D3 will be cut off except by prescription, making it a pharmaceutical drug. The justification will be that vitamin D3 is not a vitamin but a hormone, and must be controlled. Score another for the pharmaceutical trusts.
The pharmaceuticals will make a drug that will be toxic in minimum amounts. The effect will be to deny the American people adequate amounts of vitamin D3 to sustain blood and tissue diffusible calcium. The body will in turn draw calcium from the bones guaranteeing the continuation of the arthritis epidemic in America.
The main thing to understand is that no matter how much calcium we take, without vitamin D3 (cholocalciferol), it is worthless as a defense against arthritis.
Arthritis begins as osteomalacia, or lower limb pain, after prolonged vitamin D3 deficiency. This becomes full-blown crippling arthritis. Osteomalacia is a precursor, or forewarning, of arthritis to come. Doctors automatically suspect that the onset of lower limb pain is arthritis and start a toxic drug protocol. But it is likely to be only a deficit of D3 cholocalciferol.

I have Follicular Lymphoma. One of the supplements given to me by my doctor is Vitamin D3. Follicular Lymphoma pulls the Calcium out of my spine just as you indicated in your article. This loss of Calcium also led to kidney stones. I have to say there is no pain like the pain of kidney stones. I have had women tell me who have had kidney stones themselves that giving birth was not as painful as kidney stones. I am glad to say that I am now entering a maintenance program to monitor my health to hopefully prevent the cancer from returning. The method of defeating this cancer was Vitamin C infusion through an IV. I highly recommend if anyone has cancer to look into this method. I had Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma and was given one year to live from last August 2008. I have been a personal trainer for thirty-two years and am back doing what I do best. Great Article!!

George Pragovich
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