Friday, February 6, 2009

How about a little levity from past issues of Dave Draper's weekly Newsletter

It's good to ask questions. That's how you learn. And I learn, too, because I have to stop and think and wonder. And then I have to put the answers into words that everyone can understand.
Do you remember last summer we had very nice questions?
Q) Why are weights so heavy? A) So nobody steals them.
Q) Why are weights round? A) So you can roll them if you can't lift them.
Q) Why don't they make wooden weights? My uncle is a carpenter.A) We want to save trees and it takes one tree to make one weight. Myuncle was a plumber.
Q) Why do they call the little bars dumbbells?A) Because stupid-bells sounds ridiculous.
Q) How can I get the scratchy rough stuff off the part of the bar where Igrab it? It hurts my hands.A) Use a nail file or sandpaper, or cover it with duct tape like I do.
Q) Why do weight lifters do the same exercises over and over again? I gettired.A) So they don't forget how to do them. I get tired, too. And bored.

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  1. Great post! No Coach Pond references?? You always put the game behind him after it was over and went forward regardless of outcome.