Friday, January 30, 2009

Fitness Routine for the Beginner

This routine is the one I follow as I recover from Cancer (Follicular Lymphoma). Start by doing one set per exercise before you progress to two sets per exercise. The routine is to be repeated every fourth day. Example: Train on Monday and then again on Friday and then again on Tuesday and then again on Saturday and so on and so on.

Squats: 2 x 8
Standing Calves: 2 x 15
Bench: 2 x 8
Deadlifts: 2 x 8
Seated Back Supported DB Press: 2 x 8
Pulldowns: 2 x 8
DB Shrugs: 2 x 8
Seated DB Curls: 2 x 8
Crunches: 2 x 12
If you have any questions, call me! I answer my own phone!
George Pragovich
Cancer Recovery and Fitness Specialist
Skype: georgefitnesstrainer

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