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Amazing Benefits of Vitamin D

By Bob Livingston • Jan 19th, 2009 • Category: Bob Livingston, Health, Personal Liberty Articles

“This month’s big news is Professor Cedric Garland’s paper on cancer and vitamin D. Is vitamin D a cancer crusher? Dr. Garland and six other experts reviewed all the studies in the literature and concluded that up to 50 percent of all cancer could be prevented by adequate Vitamin D nutrition.” From: American Journal of Public Health.
Today, it is well established that besides playing a crucial role in the establishment and maintenance of the calcium in the body, vitamin D also acts as an effective regulator of cell growth and differentiation that is specific to cancer.
Clinical studies now show that vitamin D deficiency is associated with four of the most common cancers:
DiabetesVitamin D deficiency has been associated with insulin deficiency and insulin resistance. It was shown in 2005 that vitamin D deficiency is likely the major factor for the development of diabetes in children.
Heart Disease and Vitamin DAs in diabetes, insulin resistance is one of the major factors in heart disease. Well, northern countries have higher levels of heart attacks in the winter months when there is no vitamin D from sunshine. How simple to take vitamin D supplements—dirt cheap!
SkinThe health news of the century: Dermatologists have made mega-dollars for years with graphic scares about skin cancer caused by sunshine. Of course they don’t know about colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and 25 other internal cancers caused by sunlight deprivation. Think what enormous damage and death the sunscreen purveyors and users have caused.
Over age 50?Scientific evidence proves that vitamin D improves neuromuscular performance in older people. It improves everything like better body balance, fewer hip fractures and even hair growth. It makes natural antibiotics that humans rely on to fight infection. There is a very positive connection between multiple sclerosis and vitamin D.
And now I reveal the secret of vitamin D and you can say that you have been told. Here it is: We do not get nearly enough vitamin D. We need 10 times as much as the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) and that is up to 4,000 to 10,000 units daily.
My friends, if you have any health concerns related to the above, get in touch with The Vitamin D Council: Find The Vitamin D Newsletter on the Internet at

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